« Est-ce un conte ou la réalité ?
Un conte ou la réalité ? »

Le garde-chasse, 3e tableau {Leoš  Janáček}
photo : Jef Rabillon, 2012, Orphée & Euridice - Angers Nantes Opéra

Who are we?

  • photo : François Berthon, 2013, L'Aiglon, Opéra de Tours
  • photo : Frédéric Iovino, 2013, Orlando, Opéra de Lille
  • photo : Frédéric Godard, 2013, La Petite Renarde Rusée, Opéra national du Rhin
  • photo : Frédéric Desmesure, 2013, Salomé, Opéra national de Bordeaux

The Réunion des Opéras de France – ROF – comprises thirty-three opera houses, sites or operatic festivals represented on a Board of Governors by a college of elected administrators and by a college of opera house directors. Committed to the safeguard and to the promotion of operatic art, as well as to that of choreographic art, in all their forms, the ROF has become the national mouthpiece of French operatic institutions, and thereby constitutes a permanent body of dialogue with the French Ministry of Culture and of Communication as well as with local authorities. The ROF fulfills its missions through communication, coordination and promotion.

The ROF is developing a Resource Centre on operatic art with notably, since 2006, a data base, unique in France, updated annually through statistical surveys on financing, undertakings, attendance and employment within its member opera houses. The ROF has also started upon an ambitious project to digitalize the archives of its opera houses within the framework of the Digitalization Plan financed by the French Ministry of Culture and of Communication.

A forum for exchange and for contact, the ROF encourages dialogue between members. It is the mouthpiece for the network of opera houses and represents the branch with the authorities.

Further, the ROF contributes to the promotion of operatic art with all the means at its disposal, with a view to promoting greater knowledge and access to the greatest number of people. Within this framework, the ROF has been, since 2007, at the origin of the event Tous à l’Opéra! (Let us all to the Opera!)