Phèdre : « Quand mon amour
 serait sans crime,
En serait-il moins sans espoir ? »
Hippolyte et Aricie, acte I, scène 8 {Rameau}
photo : Laurent Lagarde, Ville de Limoges, 2013, La Voix humaine, Opéra Théâtre de Limoges


Angers Nantes Opéra

Angers Nantes Opéra

The syndicat mixte Angers Nantes Opera stems from the design of the cities of Nantes and of Angers which, encouraged by the State in 2002, wanted to pool their resources in order to run a common operatic policy. A single programme presented in the two cities, a strong local base, a common will in favour of regional as well as of national standing, an original style of production and of address to the audiences, these are part of those missions which gave birth to this new-style opera, which comes within the scope of a nationwide reflection led by the French Ministry of Culture and of Communication on a decentralized operatic policy.

With five to seven operatic productions per season, with on average eight performances for each opera, Angers Nantes Opéra endeavours to present the entire repertoire – from Monteverdi up to the present time – by programming for each season one contemporary operatic creation as well as at least one twentieth century opera, this without leaving to one side those operas from the « grand repertory ».

Determined to multiply the number of representations and of venues, Anger Nantes Opéra implements co-productions with other opera houses, such as those of Rennes, Lille, Marseille, Nancy, Avignon, Vichy, Lausanne, Luxembourg, or Bordeaux…

Angers Nantes Opéra champions a dynamic policy of cultural action integrating the raising of public awareness, the dissemination of operatic works in the provinces and collaboration with other regional cultural actors.

Angers Nantes Opéra is financed by the French Ministry of Culture and of Communication – DRAC Pays de la Loire, the towns of Nantes and of Angers, the Conseil Régional des Pays de la Loire, the Conseils Général de Loire-Atlantique and the Conseil Général de Maine-et-Loire.


Théâtre Graslin
1 rue Molière CS10929  
44009 Nantes Cedex 1
Maison des Arts
26 av Montaigne
49100 Angers


02 40 89 84 00 (administration)
02 41 36 07 25 (communication)

General information


    Syndicat mixte created on the 23rd of January 2002 between the cities of Angers and Nantes.
    It replaces two former structures : the Opera of Nantes, run by the Municipality, and the association Angers Opéra.


    Managing Director: Alain Surrans
    Financial and Administrative Manager: Thomas Pialoux

  • BUDGET :
  • 10 < 20 M€
  • 100 < 200

    Chœur d'Angers Nantes Opéra : 31 members of the choir
    Covenant with the Orchestre national des Pays de la Loire : 106 musicians


    Costume workshop: 1 foreman, 2 assistant foremen, 3 cutters, 3 costume designers, 1 make-up artist, 1 wigmaker/hairdresser, 3 dressers
    Scenery workshop: 1 foreman, 1 carpenter/joiner, 1 painter & decorator

Technical information

  • Nantes: Théâtre Graslin: 822
  • Angers: Grand Théâtre: 680
  • Angers: Le Quai: 900


  • Théâtre Graslin, Nantes: 1788
  • Grand Théâtre of Angers: 1871
  • Le Quai: 2007
  • Théâtre Graslin, Nantes: Mathurin Crucy
  • Grand Théâtre of Angers: Alphonse Botrel, Auguste Magne from 1869.
  • Le Quai: Architecture Studio