Phèdre : « Quand mon amour
 serait sans crime,
En serait-il moins sans espoir ? »
Hippolyte et Aricie, acte I, scène 8 {Rameau}
photo : Laurent Lagarde, Ville de Limoges, 2013, La Voix humaine, Opéra Théâtre de Limoges




Created in 1983 by Christian Gangeron and managed since 2009 by Catherine Kollen, Arcal is a national opera house and musical theatre based in Paris and disseminating throughout France. Its aim is to bring opera to life and to render it pertinent for all our contemporaries and notably those who imagine themselves to be the farthest from this art form, to raise awareness and to foster insight as regards oneself and the world at large.

In order to realise its dream, Arcal has organized its work according to the following guidelines:

  • The production of operas and of musical shows, every year combining Chamber Opera (between 17 and 50 artists on tour) and lighter extramural forms (between 2 and 5 artists on tour), with an insatiable spirit of discovery has, over 32 years, given rise to 61 productions, covering a period from Monteverdi to the present day, of which 19 have been original scores commissioned from composers as well as quite a few re-discovered 17th , 18th and 19th century works.
  • The staging of its shows on tour in very varied venues, with between 60 and 80 performances per season (viz. 1,924 since its inception), thus reaching a large audience (between 13,000 and 25,000 people every season), in:
    • Opera Houses
    • Theatres (national and publicly funded theatres, national centres of dramatic art, municipal theatres, festivals …),
    • Atypical venues - nursery and elementary schools, cafés, prisons, village halls, hospitals, old people’s homes, apartments, churches – thus enabling fascinating encounters with people not familiar with opera.
  • Measures to accompany young artists involved in diverse operatic arts - singers, directors, writers, composers, actors, puppeteers, conductors, orchestras, video directors, stage designers … - through training or professional integration programmes, meetings, experimentation, in the course of residence-laboratories, through trade guilds, whilst borrowing rehearsal rooms.
  • Follow-up of new audiences through specific activities aimed at raising awareness or at artistic practice, this in secondary schools, in academies, in troubled neighbourhoods, in old people’s homes, in prisons, for country folk, in hospitals … (this represents a total of 600 hours for 3,000 beneficiaries per year). Indeed, certain activities were of opera sung by children (Hoffmeister & Krasa’s Brundibar in 2014 and 2015, Milhaud’s A propos de Bottes in 2015).


87 rue des Pyrénées
75020 Paris


01 43 72 66 66

General information


    Association créée en 1983


    Présidente : Renaud Le Gall Dutertre
    Directeur général : Catherine Kollen
    Directrice de l'Administration et des Finances : Guénaëlle Abarnou

  • BUDGET :
  • 1,2<1,6 M€
  • 12

    Une centaine d’intermittents (artistes et techniciens) engagés chaque saison

Technical information

  • Salle de répétition et de présentation de maquettes et récital (40 places)


  • Anciennes stalles d’écurie des maraîchers entre Paris (Charonne) et Montreuil