Phèdre : « Quand mon amour
 serait sans crime,
En serait-il moins sans espoir ? »
Hippolyte et Aricie, acte I, scène 8 {Rameau}
photo : Laurent Lagarde, Ville de Limoges, 2013, La Voix humaine, Opéra Théâtre de Limoges


Les Monts du Reuil

Les Monts du Reuil

Many inspiring and unseen works exist within the history of music and French literature. Helene Clerc-Murgier and Pauline Warnier are in constant search for those hidden gems of lyric art.

Helene Clerc-Murgier and Pauline Warnier created Les Monts du Reuil in 2007 while both were still playing in some of the most important European baroque orchestras. This unique project involves discovering scores and librettos, editing and recording, and finally unveiling productions to a large audience.

Other artists and passionate researchers started joining Hélène and Pauline soon after they launched the project. Nowadays, Les Monts du Reuil counts on the support of numerous renowned opera houses such as the Reims and Metz ones, as well as the National French Library, the Buissonnières publishing company, the Belles Écouteuses record label and many more.

In the different productions, sung or spoken texts are followed by soft and subtle music, staged in a manner that unveils both burlesque and poesy.


8 rue de Macon
51100 Reims


06 15 58 50 93

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    Président : Dimitri Chupin 
    Direction artistique : Hélène Clerc-Murgier et Pauline Warnier  
    Administrateur : Eudes Peyre