Phèdre : « Quand mon amour
 serait sans crime,
En serait-il moins sans espoir ? »
Hippolyte et Aricie, acte I, scène 8 {Rameau}
photo : Laurent Lagarde, Ville de Limoges, 2013, La Voix humaine, Opéra Théâtre de Limoges


Opéra de Vichy

Opéra de Vichy

For more than a century now, the Vichy Opera House, a pure 1480-seat Art Nouveau gem, has been welcoming artists and spectators in a unique setting.

On June 2, 1901, Verdi's "Aida" is the first opera given for the inauguration of the new Opera Theater designed by Charles Lecoeur (Architect of France's Ministry of the Interior), assisted by Lucien Woog and Jules Simon (Architect of La Compagnie Fermière). The interior decoration, made by the Polish painter, illustrator and decorator Leon Rudnicki, was completed only for the official inauguration on March 31, 1903, in the presence of Emile Maruéjouls (French Minister of Public Works).

Since its renovation in 1995, the Opera is able to organize over eighty events each year. A lyrical, symphonic and jazz festival was born in the summer of 2018. Operas, concerts, musical theater, jazz or world music events are held from July 14 to August 15 with original performances given in the opera hall as in the city of Vichy.

From late September to mid-May, the Vichy Opera offers a rich multi-disciplinary season with a focus on theater, dance, opera and acoustic or amplified music.

The Vichy Opera aims to regain its position as a place of creation and accompaniment of projects of regional, national and international artistic ensemble.


1, rue du Casino
03200 Vichy


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billetterie : 04 70 30 50 30

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    EPCC Vichy Culture


    Directeur : Martin Kubich

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